About Us

InfoNetworks is a global leader in building trusted ecosystems across a variety of industries and applications. In addition to being an international technology firm, we also provide consultation and information services to businesses worldwide on data verification, validation, and trust.

We believe that trust and risk are inextricably linked. Our mission is to build a trusted Internet and to help organizations establish trust across their online systems. If you are interested in partnering with us to build trust in your ecosystem, please contact us!

Our Team​

Frank Cona

With an extensive expertise in the business, legal, and technology practices of global Fortune 500 companies, Frank is an experienced leader in building innovative solutions and driving brand value.

Michael Palage

A seasoned executive with an established track record working with technology start-ups where he has leveraged his experience as an engineer and lawyer. Michael has extensively written and spoken internationally on a range of Information Communication and Technologies (ICT) and Internet Governance issues.

Tim Mesker

With a dynamic background spanning 10 years in technology, graphic design, management, and software engineering, Timothy provides unique perspectives in order to craft elegant solutions to complex issues.

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