UPU Postal Data

InfoNetworks attended the 2023 UPU Postal Data Hackathon. Our team was tasked with coupling digital identities with postal data to improve cross-border delivery.  Our two main goals were to:

  • Demonstrate that various types of credentials and trusted postal data can be used together to improve supply chain security
  • Demonstrate the safe and secure cross-border flow of a controlled pharmaceutical product.

We presented a case study following the story of Simona, a young doctor in Doctors Without Borders working in Nigeria. Her patient Anne, a Nigerian woman, was devastatingly ill and in need of medicine fast. To acquire the medicine, Simona utilized NABP’s Pulse Network to submit an order, track the delivery across international borders, and ensure real signatures to confirm the validity of the product.

Utilizing this concept, we demonstrated the need for a multi-process, internationally available system for smooth business flow and secure data flow. By harnessing the data of both TRAIN and Pulse, we created a system for signing off on validated information for secure product transactions. In doing so, our case study provided Simona with a trustworthy ecosystem for acquiring the medicine to treat Anne.

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JUNE 24, 2023

InfoNetworks leads a challenge on global supply chain issues at inaugural UPU Postal Data Hackathon...…JUNE 24, 2023

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